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This is Duolingo, a language-learning website/app that deserves some serious recognition. It offers over 10 languages for English speakers, as well as courses for non-English speakers around the world, and they’re in the process of adding more. 

But wait, I don’t want to do any more schoolwork! Not to worry little one, Duolingo is actually more like a game. You can compete with friends, and earn “lingots” (which are basically Duolingo money) to buy power-ups, extra activities, and bonus skills - like Flirting.


I’m already taking a language, what do I need this for? 

It’s not really a secret that most school language courses (in America, anyway) suck and only teach you to speak the language at about a third grader’s level. Which is why Duolingo is so freaking awesome.

Teachers can’t give every student individualized attention, but Duolingo can. If you’re not learning the way you want to or as much as you want to in the classroom, Duolingo is a really great resource. It’s easy, tailored to you, and really effective.


Duolingo tracks your progress and reminds you when you haven’t studied for a while or need a refresher on something. Already semi-fluent in a language? No problem, just take a shortcut to more advanced subjects or test out of the lesson. 

The lessons start with the basics (he, she, hello, thank you, etc) and move up to harder stuff. Duolingo focuses on vocabulary first, so you can learn the language and then the grammar that goes with it - much simpler than the system most schools use. It also tracks the number of words you’ve learned and how well you know them.


And you don’t even have to write out the flashcards!

Duolingo is perfect for reviewing everything you forgot over the summer or giving you the extra help you need. And if you’re trying to learn a language on your own, it’s fantastic - you don’t have to create your own lessons. Whether you’re trying to learn your second, third, or fifth language, I seriously recommend Duolingo.

Okay, what else?

Duolingo also has discussion boards, where you can ask for help with a hard lesson, make new friends, watch for updates, and share your achievements.

Even better is the Immersion feature. It won’t send you to Spain or France, but it’s pretty awesome. Duolingo takes real articles from the internet, which users translate. You can translate articles from your native language into the language you’re learning or vice versa, which gives you more experience and makes the Internet more universal.

You can suggest new languages and track Duolingo’s progress in creating new courses. Bilinguals (older than 13) can help to create these courses. Duolingo has a long list of courses that can be contributed to, like Punjabi, Hebrew, and Vietnamese. Oh, and Dothraki, Klingon, Sindarin, and Esperanto.

And the best part? IT’S COMPLETELY FREE. 

If you love languages or just want to pass French class this year, USE DUOLINGO. Download the app and practice a language while you wait for the bus instead of playing Angry Birds!

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Romantic Mermaid Wavy Brown Wig

Flower Crowns

**All clothing fits sizes Small-Medium and some are Freesize!


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Australian Photoset #5


LiberTea photoset #6

Battle Of the Countries #4

Canada photoset #3

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This year’s Hugo for Best Professional Artist went to Julie Dillon!

The heart of “Scholars’ Tower” is the great golden celestial globe, a tidy clockwork universe beset by controlled chaos. Books are jammed onto shelves in no particular order, overflow in messy piles on the floor. The cats go everywhere they please. The scholar in blue minds her step very carefully on the way down the stairs.

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Precious characters. 

I hope to do something similar with Korra

love these + can’t wait to see the lok characters

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What dream?
What future?
I don't have any of that!

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still laughing about yesterday during gender/sexuality studies class when our professor had everyone chant “VAGINA! PENIS! VAGINA!” a few times to make us more comfortable with saying those terms

and this girl just stands up slowly and says “…this… this isn’t math class…”


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obsessed i know i know i’m sorry shh have more art

I fear for their lives because the chances of this series having a happy ending are close to none ;;


I T ’ S  F I N E  T O  B E  W E I R D .

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I worry about if I’m going to be 30 years old and still have feelings for 16 year old anime characters this is a serious concern

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B  E    O  U  R    G  U  E  S  T

these skeletons look legitimately friendly and inviting, i don’t know about you guys but i’m hella stoked to kick it with these skeletons


ppl my age have children what the hell i am a children

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